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SMI Private Labels: Signature Quality

Select Marketing has a private label by the name of Signature Quality. As a member of Select Marketing, the distributors have the right to the Signature Quality label in their local market. Signature Quality comes in “Red” on Grade “A” product, “Blue” on “B” grade product, and green for bid merchandise. Signature Quality is available on canned vegetables, spices, chemicals, foil and film, bacon, burgers, etc. Signature Quality label is even available in a co packing relationship with Nabisco/Kraft on premium saltine crackers and cookies. Select Marketing also works closely with their members to build their MEMBERS private label business if their quantities qualify. The Select Marketing headquarters allowances are the SAME whether the product is packer label, Signature Quality label, or the distributor’s private label. Select Marketing has no kind of minimum usage requirement on Signature Quality as many of their competitor group’s mandate. Select Marketing encourages its members to use the Signature Quality if it provides an advantage in their local market, but does not try to push its distribution upon its members. The Signature Quality canned vignette items below are simply an example of what the label looks like. Please know that these are not the only items available under Signature Quality.

Signature Quality Red Tomato Juice 46oz label
Signature Quality Red Whole Peeled Tomato Label
Signature Quality Red102oz Diced Tomatoes label
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