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About SMI
 About SMI

Group Profile:

Founded in August 1998 by midsize distributors that wanted a buying group that truly works for the benefit of its members. We currently have 160 members and over 550 suppliers encompassing all the products needed for broad line sales. We add new members and suppliers on a regular basis.

Our own private brand label is SMI Signature Quality. We have a red label for "A" grade quality and a blue label for "B" quality. We have a green label for bid merchandise. We have approximately 50 canned vignette labels with bilingual and UPC and nutritional designations. We also represent most of the major Branded labels in the U.S., such as Kraft, Heinz, Tyson, Nabisco, Armour Eckrich, Pillsbury, etc.

Supplier Programs:
One of our guiding principles is total disclosure of supplier programs. You keep your current local programs, 100% of your growth monies, and the portion of your headquarters monies returned to you monthly from Select Marketing Inc. As mentioned earlier, we have over 550 programs including a centralized boxed beef / pork program with Center of Plate Procurement Specialist (COPPS), and a national non-foods / paper program / Jan San program in partnership with The United Group (TUG). We also have redistribution programs with Dot Foods, G&C Foods, and Foodservice Center consolidation centers. The percentage returned of headquarters allowances is based upon a schedule of dollar purchases through the group. The percentage returned ranges from 50% to 90% of all program monies.

Our monthly financial reporting to our members includes the invoice date, invoice number, the total dollars,( pounds if applicable), the program percentage or cents per pound, the total monies created by the invoice, and the total returned to the distributor by invoice. We start off divulging the total program and then finish with the same information tied to the invoice and dollars earned.

Buying Shows:
We have two buying shows per year where we bring together our suppliers and distributors for two days of interface. Our Fall show is usually scheduled in August and a Spring show in February. We provide one room and all meals during the show. You only pay for travel expenses to the show.

We service our members from a regional manager perspective. We keep you abreast of the markets, shop for the best pricing on products, bring new items to you, work bids, and place and trace orders, etc. Most importantly, we answer the phones and try to help with whatever you need. We pride ourselves on our service to the members.
Your order placement and normal business practices do not change. Your cost of goods does not increase to support the group allowances.

There are no fees to join our group, no assessments, no coop liabilities, and no penalties if you should ever decide to leave the group

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